Less plastic,  better enviroment.
It is our basic Eco paper board line, for all food package range.  100% recyclable, which is affordable green alternative to plastic production, making a difference about the package for a circular economy. 

About LDPE

Low-density Polyethylene or LDPE belongs to the Polyethylene branch of thermoplastics. It is soft, lightweight, tough, and flexible in its nature. The thermoplastic material is also known for having low-temperature compatibility and good corrosion resistance. The polymer also boasts good chemical properties and impact resistance which makes it easy to fabricate or process. It has a melting point of 110°C.

Their names themselves can figure out the major difference between LDPE and HDPE. HDPE has a higher density than LDPE, which means that the former has more mass than its volume.

It is more branched out in its structure rather than being in perfect rows, and that is the reason for its low-density/volume, thus is often used in applications where structural strength and stiffness are an important requirement.




Polyethylene extrusion (PE) coating is available on one or two sides to serve in a wide variety of applications, providing a very strong moisture and grease barrier. PE can be used for hot purposes as it won’t melt and affect your product.


PE paper can be recycled and disposed correctly which will be a positive impact on the environment. This type of packaging paper is extremely durable, allowing it to be used for a wide range of applications. With the properties like water resistance, tear strength, abrasion resistance against moisture, grease, our paper offer longer life and good hygiene. Due to their wide characteristics, they are used for hot / cold food packaging. You are able to safely print on PE paper, making your brand shine without compromising the product.