Wide range of paper for every occasion, be it heat-resistant,  long shelf life, microwavable, ovenable-Sowineco products have all be developed specially for you. Any specific application? We are always ready to discuss special requirements. 


Customized coating solutions for paperboard

Sowineco offers a full range of paper coating options for various occasions, meeting your specific requirements.
Each coating comes with unique advantages including high temperature resistance for oven and microwave use; moisture and grease resistance for different options of food application; biodegradable enables all package sustainable.


New definition lunch box

With the growing demand for home cooked-style convenience food, our ovenable products ensure foodstuffs can be cooked easily at home. Without changing the plate, food can be ovened directly.
The paperboard and coating are suitable for oven cooking, comfortably with high temperatures from -40⁰C up to 220⁰C.
Sowineco’s ovenable packaging are available for a wide range of sectors which offer you the environmentally friendly packaging options your desire.


Sowineco can provide additional service to manage all of your needs like printing and cutting.

Working with Sowineco, you can get full line of products and expand market without additional investment on new equipment and labor. Sowineco is to help customer to maximum their investment profit.


Sowineco R&D service allows you to stay ahead of this competition in the market. You will be the leading packaging star with Sowineco’s professional R&D team.
Always aware of the needs of customers, we engage constantly in information collection and in research and development to provide new products that meet those needs.