Induction Cooking Paper


Induction cooking production is crafted from durable paper and lined with reliable aluminum foil on the inside. The aluminum foil on the inside of the induction cooking production enables the electromagnetic field to create heat in your cookware. Induction cooking production is placed on top of the induction cooktop and becomes heated as the electromagnetic field is activated. The heat is then transferred to your food through the cookware and into the food, enabling your food to cook faster and more efficiently. This method of cooking has gained immense popularity among environmentally conscious people as it saves energy and reduces the carbon footprint.

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At our one-stop solution, we offer a wide range of products including reels, induction cooking paper, sheets, and premium printed paper cup blanks. Our modern facility boasts state-of-the-art flexo printing machines, Heidelberg UV offset printing machines, and die-cutting machines to ensure exceptional results for your business.

Induction Cooking Paper WITH COMPETITIVE PRICE

With a monthly production capacity of over 30,000 tons, we have a clear edge in supplying top-quality paper cup raw materials and induction cooking paper. This advantage allows us to offer highly adaptable packaging solutions to even the smallest factories. Count on us to deliver the best packaging services, customized to meet your specific business requirements.


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Paper with aluminium film suitable for Induction cooker. Food containers made from paper outside and aluminium foil inside which can be cooked directly on Induction cooker. Simply stated, induction heating is the most clean, efficient, cost-effectivemethod of material heating available to daily application today.


Induction cooking offers the best of both gas and electric worlds, providing both precision and instant responsiveness. With the excellent performance of heat instantly, the box made of ECO boil only takes few minutes to heat up, which greatly saves cooking time and guarantee your induction-safe. The box also can be directly used as a container after cooking which is very convenient and can easily solve the problem of cleaning pots and bowls for you. The ECO boil paper gives it the advantages of energy efficiency, safety and easy cleanup.


Sowineco Service

Sowineco offer comprehensive business options ranging from all types of coating/lamination, paper cutting&printing to new material R&D, aiming to save considerable time, money and effort for you.

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Induction cooking paper - reel pack.

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