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Introduction of Composite Paper Can


By utilizing the best combination of materials, composite-can construction ensures optimum presentation and mechanical strength as well as hermetic protection.

When considering the composite can as a packaging option, it proves to be one of the most versatile packages in the marketplace, primarily because of its ability to safely deliver a product at a relatively low cost. In addition, it also satisfies basic marketing/brand functions. In general, it provides some general performance characteristics, such as containing the product and allowing it to be readily and easily dispensed. It must also deliver adequate shelf life for the type of food it contains. Finally, the can must fit the product and retail venue, and meet the needs of the brand.

What is Paper Can?

A Composite Can is essentially a fiber body constructed of paper with one or both ends made of metal, tin, aluminium, or paper. The label and liner could be made up of either Aluminum foil or plastic. This container offers a viable alternative to metal cans for almost every sector  of the food industry. 

Why to use paper can rather than metal can ?

1.Fuel efficiency

The lightness of composites is important in automobiles and aircraft, because less weight means better fuel efficiency.

2.Transport cost saving

3.High consumer convenience

 Easy to carry

Paper Can cost less than metal can which helps customers to save cost.

The right mix of constituent materials often results in composites which are corrosion resistant. They can resist damage from weather and harsh chemicals.

1.Provide Maximum shelf life of product.

2.Preserve the aroma of the product

Whether powder, granules or purees from the food sector: with our resealable membrane cans, the aroma of your contents is preserved.

3.Anaconda Fold

The capability of achieving a true double-seam closure on these cans has prevented leakage. A wicking problem under the foil liner where a paper edge was exposed at the overlap has been cured by folding the foil and paper lamination back on itself, so that no paper is exposed. This is sometimes called an Anaconda fold.

These improvements have given the fibre can a barrier capability that has led to its use with nitrogen flushing for products such as nuts, snack foods, and powdered mixes and may soon result in equal use for vacuum packaging.

4.Low OTR and WVTR

When displayed on a store shelf, paperboard cans are more eye-catching than a plastic packaging, sending the message that their contents are superior to the competition’s.

On top of that, they’re are a more environmentally responsible option than plastic packaging. Packaging your products in a composite shows your customers that you care –about product quality, and about the environment.

Products can be packed with paper can

Foods Foods Misc.non-food Adheresive/Sealants
Refrigerated dough Petroleum products Frozen concentrates Caulks
Snacks/ nuts/ chips Agricultural products Coffee Adheresive
Frozen fruits Household products Powdered milk products Sealants
Dried fruits Pet products Powdered Beverages
Salt/ spices Dish detergent
Solid/ liquid shortening
Nutraceutical products
Cookies/ crackers
Powdered foods
Dried meats

3 ways to produce paper can

1. Spiral winding

Spiral winding usually consists of several layers of different materials with angled overlapping joints. Resulting containers are always round.

2. Convolute

The convolute method of manufacture involves winding multiple layers of a single-ply of material around a rotating mandrel to form a round (or non-round) can

body. The body material is coming in at a right angle to the mandrel, with all of the paper going in the same direction (see pic) .

A cutting operation sizes individual cans to customer specifications.

3. Liner draw

In the linear-draw process, plies of material including an outer label ply are fed in a horizontal fashion, drawn up and around a mandrel and sealed to form a tube, which is then cut to size.


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