Interpack 2023 Sowineco Invitation

Update time:2023.5.6       Views:336

Interpack 2023 is one of the most coveted trade shows in the packaging industry. It brings together packaging professionals, suppliers, machinery manufacturers, and brand owners, from around the world. As participants in Interpack 2023, Sowinneco were honored to witness and be a part of this significant event.

At the exhibition, Sowineco interacted with other industry players, share our expertise and also learn from them, which helped us gain valuable insights into the latest market trends and techniques. Sowinneco also had the chance to display our packaging solutions to our existing and potential customers.

Being present in Interpack 2023 has allowed Sowineco togather new ideas, and stay updated with the latest trends in the packaging industry. It was a remarkable experience that stimulated us to move forward and be at the forefront of the industry, which we believe will have a positive impact on our future endeavors.

Let everyone know us and let us blend in. Sowineco is waiting for you in Interpack2023!

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